Business Video Assessment
Provides the groundwork for a successful visual collaboration implementation by ensuring the collaboration technology is properly aligned with an organization's overall business goals and objectives.
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Each assessment begins with a thorough analysis of the business and the challenges that visual collaboration solutions should address. For example, many organizations look to implement collaboration solutions to connect remote teams or increase communication across their workforce. From there, key stakeholders and end users are interviewed to identify critical processes that have an impact on staff workload as well as determine expectations and user perceptions.

The final result is a detailed report that describes the organization’s underlying network and provides a summary of business objectives. The report provides an overview of issues identified and global recommendations with priorities for remediation around the following areas:

  • QoS Compliance: Enterprise quality of service (QoS) strategy for video, voice, and end-user business applications and the making/classification and queuing implementation from end-to-end for compliance and consistency.
  • Performance Compliance: Network utilization such as CPU, memory, and bandwidth to identify any gaps and determine whether the network has enough resources for deploying video applications.
  • Hardware and Software Compliance: Hardware platforms, device line cards and buffers, and software releases for consistency and compliance with the required level to support video applications.

The Business Video Assessment is based on years of experience and built upon industry standards and best practices to ensure that collaboration environments are running the most efficient manner possible. Determining the key drivers and network impact of a collaboration implementation, along with stakeholder and end user perceptions, will help ensure the solution satisfies an organization’s requirements. This helps ensure a consistent experience and allows end users to embrace visual collaboration as a business tool by making full use of the technology without it getting in the way of true collaboration.


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