Huddle Rooms
In a new fast-paced, results-driven world, there’s a tremendous need to provide collaboration spaces for spontaneous meetings of smaller groups. Learn how huddle rooms are perfect for satisfying this demand.
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Huddle Rooms

Changes in our work culture are driving the need for better ways to work. Employees are no longer just located in an office. They include distributed teams (often dispersed geographically over a wide area, domestically or even internationally), employees working from home, and outside contractors. The result is a tremendous push for better ways to collaborate. And, there’s also a movement towards more frequent spontaneous meetings of smaller groups. These impromptu gatherings are not only to plan and discuss issues, but to get work done. And, the new huddle room is perfect for satisfying all of these demands.

Until recently, for many businesses and organizations it was too expensive to create multiple collaborative meeting spaces across an enterprise. Wide scale deployments were just not an option. But, that has now changed. Many can now afford to build multiple smaller, standard rooms to satisfy this new flexible work model. With the ability to use any device—including laptops, tablets or smartphones—and to share and annotate content, collaboration and work can happen simultaneously. So, huddle rooms deliver the functionality needed at the right price.

Give your business the boost it needs. Adapt to the new workplace by using huddle spaces. Remove physical limitations and empower your remote teams to work spontaneously by providing standard collaboration rooms that are easy to use. Then, watch productivity soar.

Learn about 3 key drivers causing a shift from traditional collaboration rooms to smaller collaboration workspaces.

Download this guide to understand how to choose the best technology for huddle rooms and open collaboration spaces.


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